"We love to improve the world, to make it more environmentally friendly"

About us

MOTAS is a young company that is committed to changing the world !!

We sell sustainable bags that are good for the environment.

We want all plastic and nylon bags from the world! Because these bags are not biodegradable and our bags are!


You also contribute to another charity. A large part of the profit we make goes to the KinderProject. This is a project that we use to go to Peru, for example, to help poor children with school supplies that they cannot afford themselves.

We have already carried out The kinderProject 5 times in Peru. Hereby we have helped poor children with school supplies that they cannot afford themselves, but this time the KinderProject will be different. MOTAS wants to help poor children in Peru, but not to give plastic bags with the school supplies but sustainable bags with the school supplies. The bags that we make ourselves.

We can all do this with your help. We can help change the world! Together!

The places in Peru where we give poor children their school supplies.
Here we gave the poor children their school supplies.


Why am I actually doing this?

I really want to improve the world, because we can’t live on like this!

The nylon and plastic bags are very bad for the world. We want the plastic and nylon bags to disappear, because those bad bags are very bad for the environment. Those bad bags also have a lot of effect on the world. They are not biodegradable. Our sustainable bags are. You also help the KinderProject with the purchase of sustainable bags. MOTAS wants to help the world because

In a few years there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean!

We have to do something about it! NOW!!

So HELP while it is still possible !!

We don’t have planet B !!


Pegasusstraat 69


2024 VN Haarlem, The Netherlands

T +31 6 37570386




E Info@motas.nl

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