MOTAS for a better world

Every child has the right to a sustainable world with access to education. MOTAS strives for equal opportunities. In fact, future generations can determine the future.

Worldwide there are too many children who have no access to education, live in poor conditions, are vulnerable to child labor and abuse. Children who do not have equal opportunities and live in constant uncertainty. It is precisely these future generations that we must give the opportunity to learn. Every child has the right to a sustainable start.

In numbers

over 1100

biodegradable MOTAS bags sold

More than 2000

giving children a chance to learn

Over 250

satisfied customers


major projects carried out in Peru

Improving the world as a young entrepreneur

Young entrepreneur Gerardo Mollen Ochoa: A dream as a 14-year-old starting entrepreneur turned into an opportunity to give children a sustainable start. For years I have been doing everything I can to improve the lives of children – and thus our world with my non-profit company MOTAS. I am proud to say that MOTAS, together with all its satisfied customers, has already given more than 2000 children access to education.

The sustainable process

1. We print the bag environmentally friendly

2. The durable bag will be sent

3. MOTAS helps underprivileged children

Together we help improve the world

Together we create a sustainable world with access to education for every child. Your contribution can make a difference. For a future with equal opportunities.

About us

MOTAS is a non-profit company that gives underprivileged children access to education and a sustainable start. Together we do everything we can to improve the lives of children – and thus the world


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