How MOTAS helps children in Peru through sustainable bags

The Children’s Project is a project in which we go to South America to help poor children with school supplies that they cannot afford themselves. We bring it personally. We have already carried out the Children’s Project 5 times in Peru! Each time we gave school supplies to the poor children. First we bought the things locally, to hand them over to the children personally. As a result, all money collected ends up 1 on 1 with the children.

This time the Children’s Project will be different!! We want to make a different plan with MOTAS. Instead of the bad plastic bags, we want to give sustainable bags. The children receive the sustainable bags, full of school supplies, from us. This can be done together with you!

A large part of the profit that MOTAS earns from selling sustainable bags goes to the Children’s Project. By purchasing a MOTAS bag you not only improve the world, but you also help the poor children in Peru with school supplies.

MOTAS is proud to tell you about our first Children’s Project on 27-12-2019 carried out with MOTAS bags. We are very happy with this! The children in Peru were very enthusiastic. I want to thank everyone who helped MOTAS. Together we can help more children in Peru!

We have already implemented The Children’s Project 5 times! Every time we have given school supplies to the poor children. We first purchased the items locally, after which we personally handed them over to the children. As a result, all the money collected ends up 1 to 1 with the children.

Purchasing the school supplies

MOTAS is of course happy to help the poor children in Peru with school supplies. Only where do we buy it? We buy the school supplies ourselves at several local stores. We not only help the poor children in Peru with this, but also the local shops. For them, a large purchase of school supplies is of course also beneficial.

After we have purchased the school supplies, we will fill the sustainable bags with it. Each bag gets the same amount of stuff. We also ensure that the children get something extra for a full stomach. It is wonderful to see children who cheer up completely and are curious about what is in the bags.

How the poor children in Peru live

The photos already show how the children in Peru, whom we helped, live. Many children live in different circumstances than we are used to. The Children’s Project have been carried out in the north of Peru. In the areas where we have been, many of the children lived in wooden-roofed houses. Because it doesn’t rain much in the north, the local population has little trouble with it.

Of course it also affects us to see how the children live there. That is why MOTAS is very proud that we can help the children in Peru. The children immediately cheer up and it is great to see. That’s why it’s important to consider the rest of the world. Together we can improve the world!

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