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About us

I am a worried 15 year old. And I want to change the world !!! And I need your help with this. I sell sustainable bags. The sustainable bags are good for the environment, because they are biodegradable.

Sustainable bags

Yes, we sell sustainable bags! The sustainable bags are good for the environment and biodegradable. They are very useful as shopping bags or as carrier bags. We have jute & cotton bags. PP lamination is included in the jute bags. The PP lamination can be recycled!

Children's Project

The KinderProject is a project in which we go to South America, for example, to help poor children with school supplies that they cannot afford themselves. We deliver it personally!


Pegasusstraat 69

2024 VN Haarlem, The Netherlands

T +31 6 37570386


E Info@motas.nl

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