The KinderProject is a project in which we go to South America to help poor children with school supplies that they cannot afford themselves. We deliver it personally!

Here we gave school supplies to the children in Peru in 2016

We have already implemented The KinderProject 5 times! Every time we have given school supplies to the poor children. We first purchased the items locally, after which we personally handed them over to the children. As a result, all the money collected ends up 1 to 1 with the children.

Here we have purchased the school supplies. We packed everything to leave.

This time the KinderProject will be different !! We want to make a different plan with MOTAS. We want to give sustainable bags instead of the bad plastic bags. We want to hand the jute bags with the school supplies to the children. This is possible together with you !!!

We can achieve this with your HELP! We can improve the world and this must NOW! We do not have a PLANet B

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