We give the children a promising future, access to education and a sustainable start

What we do?

Education is an important process for the development of a child and of a society. A child with access to education will have a more promising future. That is why MOTAS is doing everything it can to improve the lives of children – and thus our world.

How do we do that? Together with several companies and 250+ satisfied customers, we are committed to underprivileged children in Peru. We personally give the children school supplies, without anything getting stuck on the bow. As a result, the collected money ends up 1 on 1 with the children. We contribute to a sustainable world, provide access to education and ensure that children have a chance to learn. MOTAS wants a world where future generations can enjoy as much as we do. We strive for equal opportunities and a sustainable world. That is our mission.


children without access to education


of 10-year-olds in developing countries have difficulty reading and writing


sea level rise in the past 150 years


plant and animal species are dying out due to climate change

Where do we purchase the school supplies?

The purchase of the school supplies is done by MOTAS itself at several local shops. Not only do we support underprivileged children with this, but also local businesses. Each bag gets the same amount of school supplies. With the filled biodegradable bags we give the children a chance to learn. Every child has the right to a sustainable start.

You can make the difference

About us

MOTAS is a non-profit company that gives underprivileged children access to education and a sustainable start. Together we do everything we can to improve the lives of children – and thus the world


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Email: info@motas.nl
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